About Houston, Texas

Houston is the fourth most populous city in America and the most populous city in Texas. Houston has always been a rapidly growing city. Starting in the 1800’s as a prominent trading center, the city always managed to keep up with the latest economic trends. From then until today, Houston has always managed to stay in front of the economic trends in America.

One of the biggest reasons Houston became the city it is today is thanks to the Texas oil boom. When copious amounts of oil was found in Southeastern Texas, the area prospered. Before the Texas oil boom, most of Texas was rural. Within a few decades, cities such as Houston prospered into industrialized hubs. In fact, according to Texas Almanac, the population of Houston went from 27,557 in 1890 to 292,352 in 1930.

Fuel Delivery for Houston, Texas 

Petroleum Express is dedicated to not only delivering fuel across the area, but to hiring drivers for our driving jobs. We are proud to work in an industry that is so engraved in our city’s history. If you're interested in working for us, visit our careers page.
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